About Us

Welcome to ChickDuckGoose!  

Designed for Happy

ChickDuckGoose wants to inspire kids’ amazing imaginations and provide paths for their creative exploration. Our designs are all about colour and fun, for happy and engaging spaces.

What makes ChickDuckGoose products so unique?  

We are inspired by the classic stories and iconic images in the arts & culture, which we make both accessible and fun for young children. Introduce your baby to Modern Art, your toddler to Shakespeare (yes, Shakespeare!) or your preschooler to Pop Culture.  We believe that kids are never too young for an adventure down the rabbit hole or to set sail in search of a white whale!

Personalised design. Whether creating one true to you bespoke piece, or building a one-of-a-kind room collection, we've got you covered. Contact us at info@chickduckgoose.com to start getting creative!

Our Philosophy 

We believe in providing busy mums with easy, interchangeable, and affordable options for happy spaces.

We believe in the beauty of childhood and we are committed to helping caregivers lay a solid foundation for healthy, happy children through Bonding, Play and Early Learning opportunities. Check out our blog or sign up for our newsletter for how to design tips, and creative activities, games, crafts, cooking, music and rhyme, providing hours of traditional, interactive play you and your child(ren) can enjoy together!