Design Happy. Create Joy.

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Happy 2023! A year we are dedicating to JOY. Joyful spaces, joyful creations, joyful experiences, joyful memories. It’s time!
ChickDuckGoose wants to inspire kids’ amazing imaginations and provide paths for their creative exploration. Our designs are all about colour and fun, for happy and engaging spaces. For 2023, let’s make your little’s room a space that is personal, comfortable, and invites a joyful smile.
Not sure where to start? Start small and easy! A soft, colourful pillow is an easy addition that can be the starting point for endless inspiration.
The days are long and the dark comes early in winter, but we choose to celebrate the season with our Winter Wonderland Collection❄️ Joyful birds, playful polar bears, a colourful forest of fir trees. And, of course, a wink and a nod to Canada love. ❤️ 

5 pillows with birds, trees, polar bear and toque
Here's to 2023. Design Happy. Create Joy.  See the full collection here.

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