DESIGN : PLAY with the magical story of "The Tempest"

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As the evenings draw in, and so goes the long outdoor days, we design a little's room for indoor play. Adventure & Creativity await before it's time for a dream-filled night's sleep.

A few simple design ideas can turn your little's room into a happy space that will engage their imagination all the chilly seasons through.

Below are instructions to create "The Tempest" Playroom wall art and graphic pillows. You can find the art for "The Tempest" wall prints here and here, the wall graphics for the Sun, the Bird, and the Bees, AND the pillow graphics for Hearts & Flowers, "fantabulous", and the Little Monkey here.

The Tempest Playroom Design

"The Tempest" Playroom Wall Art:

Mural: If you don't have the time, ambition or patience to paint your own, Etsy has a plethora of options, such as here

Sun, Bird, and Bees Wall Decals – Using Clear Sticker Paper

STEP 1: Print
    1. Resize the sun, bird, and bees to your desired sizes. (You can resize using your printer’s settings or by taking the digital files to your local printer.)
    2. Load the clear vinyl decal/sticker paper into the printer’s paper tray so the non-adhesive side will be the printable side. (Be sure to set your printer to a high quality print mode.)

    STEP 2: Laminate

    1. Peel away the backing at the top of a clear, self-adhesive laminating sheet and line the top edge of the laminate with the top front edge of the vinyl paper.
    2. Continue to peel back the laminate sheet, pressing firmly onto the vinyl paper with a ruler to prevent air bubbles.

    STEP 3: Trim

    1. As closely as possible around your printed image.

    STEP 4: Position

    1. Decide where you would like your images positioned on the wall and with a pencil lightly mark with a few dots a border of the area.

    STEP 5: Attach (To a dry, flat surface.)

    1. Peel off the vinyl backing paper and, holding the decal in place, press it down starting at the top.
    2. Smooth using a clean cloth.
    3. Erase pencil marks.

    "The Tempest" Pillows:

    The graphic pillows were created using ChickDuckGoose graphics. All CDG graphics are png files with a transparent ground. Simply print image onto transparent transfer paper and follow the product instructions for transferring to a pillow covering.


    • You can find vinyl paper* and laminating sheets at any office supply store or on Amazon. Make sure that the paper you buy is compatible with your printer type. *Reusable/repositionable paper is an option.
    • It is generally best to use an H-grade pencil, preferably a 3H or 4H, as these have less of a tendency to smudge and are easily erasable.

    If you found your way here via social, the "Let's Make a Boat" craft (and other fun activities) is from "The Tempest Activity Storybook" found here.

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